12 Best Hotels in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is an eclectic mix of classic and modern styles. It is a place where you can find everything from a quiet rustic getaway to a modern contemporary villa with every possible amenity. If you are looking for a high-end resort that has a great restaurant, then Palm Springs has plenty of those, too.

There are many things that haven’t changed about the Cosmopolitan, but there is one thing that has. It is still a popular spot for celebrities and European retirees, but it is also a popular place to hang out in.

Speaking of hotels, every one on our list has a pool. And they’re all in Palm Springs, which is a desert town where you swim almost as much as you drink cocktails.

With the desert heat and Coachella on the horizon, it’s safe to say that the summer season is here. Now is the time to get away from the city and into the hills, so pack your bags and hit the road. Palm Springs has lots of great options for hotels, so take a look at this list and see which one you like best. If you want to make sure you have a room at your top choice, book in advance. Otherwise, whenever you arrive,

1. Korakia Pensione

This hotel was built in the 1920s and ’30s, but it has a Mediterranean style. It’s located in a compound with a few buildings and two heated pools, and there are Moroccan lanterns hanging all over. The rooms are rustic and beautiful, with olive trees surrounding them.

This place is just lovely. You’ll be hard-pressed to leave because it’s so cozy and welcoming. In fact, you may find that you want to spend every minute of your vacation soaking in a bathtub. Oh, and they’re even better than they sound.

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2. Hotel California

Sometimes you just need a place to stay that’s not too fancy, but the Hotel California has a lot of character. It’s not trendy or flashy, but it makes up for that with its comfortable atmosphere.

If you want to stay in and eat, the kitchen is fully stocked. You’ll need utensils to blend your own smoothies and cook eggs for breakfast, but there are grills outside if you’d like to grill by the pool.

The hotel has only 15 rooms, plus a two-story townhouse with a private balcony. The lush courtyard is surrounded by banana palm trees and serenaded by a gurgling fountain. The guest lounge serves coffee and fresh fruit all day.

3. The Saguaro Palm Springs

The Saguaro is a place that many people believe looks cheesy and out of fashion, but it actually has a very modern interior. It has a colorful facade and blue bedrooms with lime-colored furniture and purple carpet. This might sound like a designer’s nightmare, but this place pulls it off.

This hotel is massive, and it’s not a problem because it has so many amenities. The staff is friendly, and the spa and pool are extra nice. But they do play loud music while you’re in the middle of a relaxing massage.

The food is not so great, but there are many other restaurants in town if you’d like to try them. The restaurant may feel a little bit like Jersey Shore because there are lots of bachelorette parties and bros here. You can avoid those people or hear their music if you want to.

4. Casa Cody

Casa Cody is a whimsical hotel with a charming atmosphere that’s surprisingly affordable. It’s located in the heart of downtown Palm Springs, but it will feel miles away from the city center. Casa Cody has been in business for decades, and it was founded by Buffalo Bill’s cousin, Harriet Cody.

A hotel with a big, tall fence and other protective gates is a place of peace and quiet. It’s Southwestern-themed, with each room well-appointed with new-age amenities. The property is home to various citrus trees. Every morning you can enjoy a light breakfast of croissants, bagels, and gourmet granola. In the evening, there’s tea by the pool.

A full-body stretch is good for your body and soul. Cody’s Casa offers Hatha yoga to those who want to awaken their senses before lounging by the pool all day.

5. Margaritaville Resort Palm Springs

A tropical paradise awaits you at Margaritaville Resort Palm Springs. This 16-acre property is located just a few miles from downtown and features two pools. The hotel makes the most of its space by accommodating large groups, such as weddings, without feeling congested.

The lobby is an experience that defines the hotel. Buffett, who owns the hotel, wanted it to have a signature look. He did this by creating a large sculpture that looks like a flip flop. The lobby is also home to the trademark chandelier made from margarita glasses. A mix of upbeat music is played throughout the property. This includes a variety of songs not written by Buffett.

The hotel is pet-friendly and has designated pet relief areas. People can keep busy at the on-site restaurant, fitness center, spa, and fire pits. There’s even a shop that sells merchandise to mega fans. But guests probably won’t spend much time in their rooms because they’ll be hanging out at the pool, drinking frozen daiquiris and yes, margaritas too.

6. Ace Hotel & Swim Club

The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, housed in what used to be a Motel 6, is a hip and trendy party destination for young travelers heading to the desert. It has all of the amenities, from a photo booth and retro macrame in the lobby to record players and vintage magazines in the rooms.

At the hotel, guests are provided with robes and canes. As time passes, more and more people are wandering around in hoods and canes like hippie cult members.

Locals love this hotel, and it’s not hard to see why. The pool is the most popular place in town, the cruiser bikes are perfect for cruising the beach, and the restaurant is always full. King’s Highway used to be a 24-hour Denny’s years ago, but now it’s an upscale restaurant that serves fresh seafood.

The hotel offers a pool party for non-guests for $20 a day. The party includes live music, food, drink, and swimming.

The Ace is like a club for 20-somethings. If you want to relive your youth and party until the morning light, this is the spot for you. If you’re more of a sophisticated (or relaxed) traveler, this might not be up your alley. Unless you want to party like it’s 1999? It’s cool, you only live once.

7. Colony Palms Hotel

Driving to Palm Springs is always a dreamy experience. The city is especially attractive when you stay here. This hotel was built by a mobster in the 1930s, but it’s very far from its origins. Nowadays, it’s a popular place for celebrities and other VIPs to visit.

The hotel is luxurious and yet unpretentious. The thick greenery makes you feel like you’re in a rustic Spanish hacienda while the heart of the city is just one block away.

The pool that is shaded by trees becomes lively on the weekends, but never out of hand. And the speakeasy-style restaurant downstairs, Purple Palm, makes for a classy dinner spot after a day of bikini lounging. We think you’ll like it here a lot.

8. Kimpton Rowan Palm Springs

A perfect location for a modern traveler! The Rowan hotel is located in the middle of downtown, where you can get to the best restaurants, bars, and shops in a minute or two.

The hotel’s rooftop pool has amazing views of the nearby mountains, while misters keep things cool in the desert sun. An adjacent bar provides great tunes and plenty of seating, making it the perfect summer party spot.

The Rowan Hotel, a new property in downtown Palm Springs, has a free happy hour every day in the lobby, where they serve complimentary beer and wine. At night, you can visit their rooftop restaurant, 4 Saints, for amazing American food and views of downtown and the San Jacinto Mountains. They are pet-friendly, too!

9. Sparrows Lodge

Ready to take a break from your online life? Palm Springs offers you a way to disconnect while staying in touch with the digital world. This resort is a perfect place for digital detox, because it is located in a remote area and has no Wi-Fi or cellular service.

The rooms are not equipped with phones or TVs, but they are filled with rustic decorations. There is a horse trough bathtub and rich, stained oak paneling.

The highlight is a gorgeous communal space that functions as a bar, restaurant, and hang-out spot. It’s also where the hotel serves a free breakfast every day.

10. L’Horizon

If you’re looking for a peaceful vacation in the desert, then you’ll love L’Horizon. The hotel is tucked away in a quiet area of Palm Springs and has only 25 luxuriously appointed bungalows. It also features an open-air spa. With its peaceful vibe, it makes for the perfect getaway from everyday stresses.

The design is amazing, and I love it! It’s a glamorous yet comfortable space. The outdoor showers are private and perfect for the desert, and the fireplaces are a homey touch. The windows will flood each room with light. Steve Hermann, a famous designer, has overseen the project, so that explains why it’s so luxurious and classy.

The infinity pool is an eye-catching highlight of this home. It offers a stunning view of the San Jacinto Mountains and the beautiful, blue Southern California sky.

11. The Parker Palm Springs

The concept of luxury in Palm Springs is wild and zany, like a Lewis Carroll story. While the Eden Hotel is a splurge, you can spend time here and not have to leave. Start your day with a drink from the Lemonade Stand and explore the colorful grounds.

Take a nap on one of the hammocks, or cozy up by the fire pits. Once you’ve gotten your second wind, play some petanque, clay tennis, or croquet. Then cool off with a dip in one of the hotel’s saline pools.

Mister Parker’s is a new supper club in London where patrons can enjoy an evening of feasting and socializing. It’s a place for every kind of person to have a good time, from fops and flaneurs to cronies, as the website describes.

12. Avalon Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a glamorous destination that makes you feel carefree and romantic. This hotel is a gem in the desert that has been around for nearly 90 years. Originally, it was built by a mobster who had a secret door leading to a brothel. Now, it’s a top spot for celebrities and tourists from all over the world.

The rooms at this luxury resort are beautiful, but not too fancy. There’s a lot of greenery, which makes you feel like you’re in a Spanish hacienda. You’ll feel like you’re in the country, even though the main street is close by.

If you’re looking for the perfect poolside hangout, a place to soak up some rays and enjoy a cold drink, then look no further than the Purple Palm. You’ll love spending the day sunning by the pool and dining in a classy speakeasy style restaurant. The atmosphere is lively but never out of hand and you’ll feel right at home here.

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