The Best Hotels in Saint Tropez

Few places on earth evoke the same level of hedonism as Saint Tropez. It’s written in the DNA of a once sleepy fishing village that went from free-spirited bohemian to star-studded party and then, more recently, home to a global bling brigade.

The glamor chapter started in earnest when And God Created Woman was filmed on its pine-covered beach, placing Brigitte Bardot Saint Tropez on the world map. Click from the French New Wave, Parisian Rive Gauche had the pages of their book baked in the sun of the Côte D’Azur long before.

And despite the rampant 21st century excitement the champagne-diamond-and-stiletto welcome lives on. You just need to know where to find it.

Whether you’re checking in for a clean beach or sampling a caviar menu, here are the best hotels in Saint Tropez.

1. Villa Marie

Instead of the choreographed and engineered interior renovations typically carried out by Parisian design houses, Villa Marie has the eclecticism of being comfortable like a private home. Swirling white wrought-iron chairs, pillared verandas shaded by vines, and jasmine-dyed sculptures evoke nostalgia for a slower, more sophisticated age.

The various rooms (some four-poster, some bright orange, some with the hallmark of a shabby-chic boudoir) all breathe a warm, salty breeze through the French doors. The obvious lack of built-in editing gives Villa Marie a bohemian charm, with just the button-down service you’d expect from a top Cote D’Azur hotel.

An exotic garden stretches beneath the pines, where guests can roam and relax among olive trees, palm trees and cacti. The only discernible themes apart from upscale bohemianism are white and beige with red accents on tablecloths and sun loungers by the pool, and regular sights of Domaine de Marie wine (from the hotel’s sister property in the Luberon).

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2. Byblos Beach

Imagine a hotel that combines a pastel Provençal fishing village with an old Lebanese port, full of ancient Greek references and Roger Capron ceramics.

Gay-Para, the Lebanese billionaire who created it, did just that, but he also imagined it would win over the Queen of St Tropez, Brigitte Bardot, whose obsession was unwavering for him. No, although he politely attended the opening party.

But it won the hearts of the glitter, soon to be followed by the inner wallets of a few lucky Europeans. It’s a magnificent and uncompromising relic of the Riviera’s golden era, where heavy silver trays of seafood stood on the balcony and Chanel heels propped up for dinner by the pool for live jazz and lobster.

Mick and Bianca got married here and the legendary Les Caves Du Roy nightclub continues to attract celebrities and high-profile personalities, all intoxicated by the iconic Grace Jones (and Veuve Clicquot) party photos.

3. Lily of the Valley

This relative newcomer to the French Riviera may share the Riviera’s cinematic views and cool contemporary interiors of other five-star hotels, but her agenda is unique and perhaps prophetic.

Philippe Starck’s walnut ceilings, bold marble bathrooms and high bohemian country spaces at La Croix Valmer play host to a new way of thinking about luxury travel where well-being is no longer confined to Swiss lakes, but sits alongside a tapas lunch. and a leisurely pastry breakfast.

This is where the rich (and very tired) come in to refuel without the punishment of a taste of Opus Dei, but also without a week’s worth of boozy hangovers for overindulgence.

Therefore, spas must step up their game for this new generation of Riviera rollers who enroll in three holistic programs (Weight Loss, Workout, and Detox) or take up their own Turmeric Shot and Technogym. The colors and ingredients inside and out are as natural and nutritious as a plate of poached fish and seasonal salads.

Perched over a trippy Mediterranean landscape, the pool reminds the solo cocktail crowd (which occasionally slips off the spa cart) that well-being and pleasure are always inextricably linked.

4. Airelles St Tropez Chateau de la Messardiere

hard not to be impressed by the beauty of this gorgeous tower, which was recently demolished and decorated by Airelle’s leading hoteliers.

The view from the Château de la Messardière of the pine forest and vine-covered hills descending towards the Bays of Saint Tropez and Pampelonne is as majestic as the interior.

The curtains are stiffer than a martini, grand panels run down the walls and le grand gôut francais is swapped for something fresher and a little more Proven. When not playing pétanque or mini moking and relaxing on the legendary sandy beaches of The Chateau in Pampelonne, guests can spend an afternoon bathing, steaming and general pampering at Valmont Spa.

The poolside Matsuhisa restaurant offers fine brasserie-style dining, while L’auberge des Maures exudes full Provençal charm.

5. Cheval Blanc Saint Tropez

hops, skips or Bentley nanoseconds from Saint Tropez, unlike its competitors at Ramatuelle. An expression of tasteful contemporary Riviera glamour, this French Riviera maison comprises the original Pinede Chateau, which has been expanded and internally reworked for a less formal (but no less stunning) set.

That’s where quiet luxury comes in, to relax on the soft sun loungers after a gourmet lunch of truffle croque madame, or check out the hotel’s modern art feast before the caviar and champagne tasting menu, courtesy of Executive Chef Arnaud Donckele.

Rooms in simple opulent blues and creams reflect views across sequined coves to Saint Maxime, therapists pour Guerlain concoctions over weary shoulders at the spa, and well-dressed butlers glide across pine-shaded terraces, refilling beautiful glasses. Ruinart.

6. Pan Dei Palais

India-meets-Saint-Tropez. This mustard-colored townhouse amazes guests with its covered exterior that hides the dark wooded Raj era scenery inside. This boutique hotel is based on a love story – where a 19th century British general falls in love with an Indian princess who then brings her grief and wealth to Saint Tropez.

An old world fan and four posters draped in white linen curtains give it an exotic feel, and while splashes of vibrant orange, lime, and purple liven up the room, the bass notes are earthy and earthy.

The theme unfolds in the walled garden, where the pool (which may have been Raj’s pool in his previous life) is lined with white umbrellas and thick loveseats.

Its location in the center of the old town (7 minutes walk from the beach) is stunning considering its overall calm and serenity.

7. La Reserve

La Reserve Ramatuelle, the epitome of contemporary serenity, is set away from the crowds on the French Riviera in pine-shaded hills, 20 minutes inland from Saint Tropez. The traditional terracotta tiles that adorn the roofs of the villas and suites belie the minimalistic feast within – the work of Jean-Michel Wilmotte, who brings the simplicity of the beautiful landscape to an indulgent effect.

The pool view (apparently taken from a Slim Aarons printed book) is enlivened by golden sunshine and endless glasses of rosé. Jasmine hangs in the air and Mini Mokes lead visitors to La Reserve’s outpost in Pampelonne, where plates of ceviche and truffle tomatoes line up like creamy umbrellas that shade those digesting a long, sumptuous lunch.

8. Hotel Lou Pinet

There is something very glamorous about the laid-back spirit of Saint Tropez. You’ll find them in droves at the Hotel Lou Pinet, where the rooms are decorated in shades and prints from the Sixty and Seventy, and the mint green shutters that line the classic Provençal exterior overlooking one of the Riviera’s most beautiful pools, lined with turquoise tiles is.

The muted colors and materials reflect the region’s more rustic reputation of olive, cream, willow and terracotta and Tata Harper has designed eco-friendly spas before.

Breakfast here is a sophisticated photogenic spread of bircher muesli, perfectly baked breads and pastries, fresh fruit and cold cuts, enough to keep you tired until lunch time, where Saint Tropez Sandal Shop and Tropezienne delicatessen await only ten minutes.

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