19 Best Hotels In Paris

Paris has a ton of hotels. Any city that hosts so many tourists would have a lot of hotels, but Paris is the capital of fashion and food, and attracts tons of tourists from all over the world. If you’re looking for a fun place to stay, Paris has some really cool pensions that were very popular in the 1800s because they were cheap to stay in. Now there are lots of five-star hotels that cater to wealthy international travelers.

When you’re planning a vacation, it can be stressful to choose the best hotel. You want to make sure that it is a great value for money and has good customer service. That’s why we at Time Out have created a guide with the best hotels in Paris.

Paris is an amazing city, and if you are planning a trip there, there are all sorts of choices for places to stay. Whether you want to splurge or save money, Paris has the perfect places for you.

1. Ritz Paris

The Ritz, Paris recently unveiled a new façade after four years of renovation work. The luxury hotel boasts a new entrance that is just as grand and beautiful as the original. The entrance is a tunnel that leads to 15 Place Vendôme, which is the home of the iconic Ritz hotel. This tunnel is only accessible to VIPs, but all other guests walk through the front door of the hotel.

Compared to the previous era, the new era’s atmosphere is much the same. It features a magnificent staircase and the Hemingway bar at the end of the gallery. The curtains are blue and the switches lyre-shaped. The décor is still gilded wood, period carpets, and a magnificent staircase.

The courtyard of this hotel has many pleasant features. It boasts a lovely fountain that is sure to please guests. The garden terrace is one of the most beautiful in Paris. The hotel also contains an expansive Chanel spa with five treatment rooms.

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2. Nolinski Paris

Nolinski is a luxury hotel located near the Comédie-Française. It was designed by Jean-Louis Deniot and has been open for business since 2012. Nolinski offers 45 rooms, including nine suites. The rooms have a Parisian sophistication that is reflected in the hotel’s prices, which are quite steep.

The Hotel Lutetia is a luxury five-star hotel in Paris. It is located between the Palais Garnier and the Rue Saint-Honoré, two of the busiest streets in the capital. The hotel offers its guests quiet and relaxation with its luxurious bedding, which is made from quilted sheets in striking blues and greens.

The décor is breathtaking. The reception area is amazing with marble floors and a beautiful mahogany reception desk. It also has stunning bespoke furniture.

3. Saint-James Paris

This hotel is incredibly beautiful. It’s one of the most luxe properties in the world, with a prime location and an amazing backstory. The hotel occupies the grounds of what used to be a hot air balloon field in the 19th century. Designers have incorporated subtle references to this history everywhere, from the tableware to the bed linens.

The chateau is stunning. There are sweeping staircases and individually designed rooms, as well as a lot of space in the private gardens.

4. Shangri-La Hotel, Paris

The Shangri-La Hotel in Paris is more than just a hotel with a pool. It has an incredible view, and the hotel’s spa is one of the most stunning spas in all of Paris. Instead of just providing a place to sleep, the hotel wants to make guests feel like they’re staying in the lap of luxury.

While visiting the park, take a moment to relax in the Asian-inspired gardens, as rare plants like the Trachycarpus fortunei (Chusan palm) and even more exotic species like the Firmiana will inspire you. The harmony between nature and urbanism will let you experience something truly unique, but don’t leave without dining in one of the three restaurants (two of which have Michelin stars).

5. Maison Souquet

This former brothel has been converted into a beautiful restaurant with a very specific decor. Everything in the space is perfectly oriental, including leather from Cordoba, Moorish earthenware, porcelain, and copper. The restaurant pays homage to Belle Époque Pigalle, the spirit of which still lives on.

The hotel offers a bar serving delicious cocktails and the spa with a swimming pool you can rent by the hour. Upstairs, the rooms are very expensive but they make you rethink what it means to be chic. Each room is named after a different courtesan and embraces a particular foreign culture (Japanese, Indian, Chinese).

6. L’Hôtel

The Hôtel de Crillon was completely remodeled and redecorated by Jacques Garcia in 1967. As a result, it has received several prestigious awards. The hotel has a very interesting history.

It is where Salvador Dali, Jean Cocteau, and Jim Morrison once lived. They wrote ‘Melody Nelson’ and ‘Je t’aime moi non plus’ here. This is where Serge Gainsbourg composed the song ‘Melody Nelson,’ which he sang for the first time in a recording studio. He later played it for the first time live in this hotel.

But above all, the Hôtel is famous for its famous guest, Oscar Wilde. The writer lived here for two years, and in his favorite room (35 square meters), he was fond of the peacock wallpaper (his favorite animal) and filled it with his favorite trinkets. The first floor Oscar Wilde suite opens onto a private terrace where guests can enjoy their breakfast peacefully.

7. Le Narcisse Blanc & Spa

Majestically located between the Eiffel Tower and Les Invalides, the Narcisse Blanc Hotel-Spa has grand windows that look out upon the city, but it is far from the hustle and bustle of the city. The hotel is discreet and luxurious, and it has rooms with a delicate, light, cream-coloured design.

The perfect combination of art deco, art nouveau and ultra-modern furniture with luxurious fabrics like velour, tweed and silk. To truly indulge in some R&R, there’s a spa complete with pool and jacuzzi. The spa also has sauna, hammam and massage rooms. There are also terraced gardens and rooms for hire.

8. Hotel Paris Bastille Boutet by MGallery

Paris has a new five-star hotel. Located in the trendy Charonne district, it is close to the Place de la Bastille. The former cabinetmaker now houses an elite hotel after having been an artisan chocolate factory.

A beautiful hotel has been transformed into a beautiful factory-style hotel. It was originally built by an ancient manufacturing company. Now its modern rooms are based on the old design. Light concrete floors, polished metal, and wood support the building’s history as a factory. The most relevant part of this transformation is the student-designed rooms.

9. Buddha-Bar Hôtel

The Buddha-Bar Hotel in Paris is the mirror image of its famous restaurant. It has enormous golden dragons on the walls, lacquered furniture, and Chinese wardrobes. This place invites travelers to reminisce about 1930s Shanghai. The 4 Rue d’Anjou hotel invites guests to travel back in time to 1930s Shanghai.

The entrance of the hotel is spectacular. It’s like an Asian temple, earning every one of its five stars. If you stay here, you’ll be staying in a 19th-century mansion and will have access to a labyrinth of corridors leading to your room. This magnificent property is now protected as a historical monument.

An imperial yellow silk lining along the corridors, delicate amber silk curtains in the rooms, and branches of cherry blossoms in the bar offer a unique and special visual experience.

10. Renaissance Paris République

The Hôtel Renaissance République is located in the center of Paris, a short walk from the scenic Canal Saint-Martin and the famous Grands Boulevards. The hotel has nine floors and is one of the tallest buildings. From the top floor, you can see the Marianne statue in Place de la République.

Come inside and discover the many amenities. There’s a bar and restaurant, a stylish terrace with a 254-metre living wall, meeting rooms, and a fitness center (open 24 hours). In the basement you’ll find a wellness area with hammam, sauna, jacuzzi, and Sothys treatments.

11. Hôtel Raffles Royal Monceau Paris

This might be love at first sight. In the 8th arrondissement, a few steps from the Champs-Élysées, the Royal Monceau-Raffles Hotel is one of the most beautiful hotels in Paris. It features modern and refined décor by Philippe Starck, who is a household name and predictably stunning.

Art is everywhere in this hotel. You might expect a concierge service to help you find it, an art gallery with prints and sculptures, and a majestic centerpiece lobby. We especially liked the garden by landscape designer Louis Benech – we think it’s best in the summer. What’s more, the hotel has its own 99-seat theater that hosts previews and private screenings.

12. Le Cinq Codet

A good hotel in Paris is hard to find. But the 7th arrondissement is not a popular location for hotels. Le Cinq Codet stands out as one of the best, built like the bow of an ocean liner. It’s discreetly located on Rue Louis Codet. This huge 1930s building has incredible architecture and reminds you of an ocean liner.

If you want to be surrounded by serenity and modern art, stay at the Jean-Philippe Nuel hotel. This is a hotel for people who love contemporary décor: photography, furniture, and sculpture. The 29 rooms are full of light and warmth, with a combination of wood, white, and warmer colors. There’s also a gym, spa, and hammam. You can eat in the restaurant outside on the patio.

13. Mandarin Oriental Paris

The Mandarin Oriental is located in the middle of Rue Saint-Honoré, which is surrounded by many famous fashion houses and jewelers. It is inspired by the surrounding luxury, but it also draws inspiration from its Asian roots. The interior design features dark colors such as grey, purple and mauve. There are many art pieces. The ceiling is decorated with golden leaves and a garden resembling a mini jungle-island.

This build has the best bedrooms. They are luxurious and refined, with silk curtains and cushions, but not gaudy. They have dark, polished wood furniture that gives them a distinct style.

The Royale Mandarin suite (€20,000 for one night) is a special gem in Paris. The room is 350 square meters and features a gym, beautiful bathrooms with a jacuzzi and bath, and an incredible view of the Eiffel Tower.

14. Hotel The Peninsula Paris

The Hotel Californian is based on the Hotel Majestic, which is full of history. In the past it was a luxury hotel called The Majestic. Famous guests from the past include artists like Picasso and Stravinsky, writers like Marcel Proust and George Gershwin, and musicians like Irving Berlin.

The building was later the United Nations headquarters and was then used as a conference centre. The conference centre hosted the Vietnam Peace Treaty in 1973.

Walk into the imposing entrance of the white stone building, which is like Versailles, except with a Lasvit chandelier. Then you descend into an even more impressive main hall, which looks like Versailles: it has a gigantic ceiling and an enormous chandelier. But wait, there’s more. The next room is even more luxurious than Versailles: it has Lasvit chandeliers and even more handmade crystal glass, sophisticated mouldings, marble and woodwork

15. W Paris-Opéra

The W is the newest addition to Starwood’s collection of hotels. It’s not just a place to stay – it’s an experience. The concierge service is one of many ways that The W goes above and beyond for guests. They can arrange for anything from gourmet picnics to shopping excursions at luxury boutiques.

The W’s aesthetic is striking. Contemporary art is used to fuse its original historical details, such as ornate columns, vaulted ceilings, and stained-glass windows. The rooms and suites are an elegant blend of historical detail and ultra-modern design, but some may find such open spaces uncomfortable.

16. MGallery Molitor

The MGallery Molitor has opened in Paris. It’s a luxurious Art Deco hotel that includes a five-star hotel, a restaurant and a spa. The MGallery Molitor is famous for its famous pool, which was closed for 20 years. The pool was legendary, but now it’s back and better than ever as part of the hotel complex.

JonOne is a famous graffiti artist. When he came to paint the Rolls-Royce Corniche, he didn’t go through the front door. Instead, he tagged the side of the car and left his signature. In addition, the famous Molitor pool can be seen from the window on all sides of the building.

17. Hôtel Costes

The Hôtel Costes is set in the heart of Paris. It’s close to Concorde, the Jardin des Tuileries, and the Rue Saint-Honoré. The hotel offers one of the capital’s trendiest stays. It has subdued lighting and powdery velvet drapes.

The Costes hotel in Paris is a very comfortable place to stay. It was built in 1995 by Jean-Louis Costes and decorated by Jacques Garcia, who is famous for his luxurious designs. The hotel is located in a quiet area where guests can relax and feel at home, even if they are just passing through.

Hôtel Costes offers a variety of activities for guests. Whether you want to listen to Stéphane Pompougnac’s music in its candlelit restaurant, dine on mythical dishes like the Crying Tiger, or just relax on the patio and play pool, we provide an experience that will suit your needs.

18. Hôtel De Vendôme

Place Vendôme is a neighborhood in Paris that is most famous for its bling-bling jewelry. It’s also home to five-star hotels and many other luxury items. But there is one slightly hidden jewel in the area.

In a decadent, charming house built in 1685, you will find the Hôtel de Vendôme, a luxury hotel that is completely discreet from the outside, but opulent on the inside. The rooms are just as beautiful as the lobby and foyer.

For example, take the Deluxe suite overlooking Rue Saint-Honoré. It’s a vision of sky blue and pale pink with a period chandelier hanging over the king-size bed (with an entirely marble bathroom). It’s heaven in a room. On the first floor, you’ll find the gourmet restaurant.

19. Pershing Hall

The house was built for the Count of Paris, but would later serve as the headquarters of John Pershing. The house began in 1917 as a mansion for the commander of the US Forces.

The beloved, world-famous architect Andrée Putman has completely redesigned the hotel’s interiors. It’s not too different from what it is now, but the redesign is a significant improvement over its original state. The new look keeps the grand façade of the building, but it’s updated with bright colors, custom furniture and contemporary art. It’s very modern, clean, and simple.

The 26 rooms are a blend of beauty and extreme comfort. The beds are huge, the mirrors are huge, and the bathrooms are huge. The bathtub is also huge and on marble balls.

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